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The Components of Gimp2

2000-06-07 02:23:03

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The Components of Gimp2

Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>
24 June 2000

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

I haven't seen the slices yet, so the stuff below is incomplete (even wrong ;).

2. Components


3. Libraries

Component License Contents
gegl liberal(1) Gfx Kernel used by the Gimp
libgimpjunk JNNL(2) Various Stuff (Junk yoU Need Kommonly)
libgimpcore GPL gimp core, containing all non-ui logic
libgimpcoreui GPL core ui widgets not usable by plug-ins, e.g. the canvas widget
libgimpapp GPL Gimp Application Kernel
libgimpui LGPL ui widgets used to build the plug-in and application ui
libgimpext LGPL Communication library plug-in <-> app (similar to gimp 1.x's libgimp)
libgimpextapp LGPL Communication library app <-> plug-in
libgimpwidgets LGPL core-independent widgets used e.g. to build libui widgets (similar to gimp 1.x's libgimpui)
libgimpiface LGPL contains the interfaces ("glue code") for libgimpui and libgimpcoreui

(1) probably libgcc or libstdc++-like

(2) Junk Needs No License, probably also libgcc or stdc++-like

3.1. Component dependency diagram

4. Standalone programs

Name Purpose
gimp basically an activation of libui
gimpbatch basically an activation of libcore, libextapp etc.