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2000-06-07 02:07:33

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Who can get an account?

When you have written a plug-in for the gimp and want it under cvs control (and want us to experiment with new ways of plug-in distribution), you can get an account here.

Sourceforge is all about community, and this project is about gimp community. Come in and join ;)

How do I get an account?

  1. Register as sourceforge developer.
  2. Send a mail to Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>, or any other project admin, with your sourceforge login. DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSWORD. Your login name suffices.
  3. Wait for the reply + 6 hours for sourceforge to update its files.
  4. Go for it!
Gimp developers with cvs access usually become project admins, while all other people get write access to cvs and admin rights to the forum, patch-manager etc... everything is negotiable of course, after all, this project is about giving access, not controlling it ;)
Questions/Suggestions/Complaints? Send them to Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>!