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2001-07-29 19:25:40

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I want to add files to the web server

Just do it! Of course, there are some tips ;)
  • Some automatisms are going on. Whatever you check into the htdocs/ module in CVS will show up on the webserver a short time later. Yes, I know you can hack my account through some easy manipulations, but be assured that the only valuable thing to find on my account is your doom.
  • You do not need to use CVS for your webpages. Just log in to your sourceforge shell account and make yourself a subdirectory in /home/groups/g/gi/gimp-plug-ins/htdocs/. However, you will not necessarily take advantage of the menu and layout stuff.
  • The files are under cvs control for a reason: Using CVS makes shared updates possible (more than one person working on a file). Use it ;)
  • If your files are related to a specific plug-in, it's a good idea to put them into a common subdirectory of htdocs/.

Can I add links to the menu?

Sure. If you grok the file that describes it (htdocs/m4/menu.m4) then just go on and add a link. Remember that one of the admins (e.g. Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>) can do that for you.

I do not like m4 anyway, I'd rather use php!

First of all, you can combine m4 and php, by giving your files the extension .php.m4. You need to take care of the quoting, however, e.g. by wrapping your php statements in [<? ... ?>].
Equally well is not using m4 at all. To help you with a common layout, download the file php-template.php and customize the variables at the top, and put whatever you like into it. Using that file will ensure that you get the navigation bar.
Questions/Suggestions/Complaints? Send them to Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>!