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2000-06-07 02:07:33

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Which modules (top level directories) in CVS are relevant?

The following modules exist:
contains a read-only mirror of the main gimp cvs (fresh from the gnome cvs). It might becoma partially writable at some point, but at the moment please do not try to check anything into this tree. The update frequency is hourly, but that might change.
contains all the plug-ins hosted here, each one having it's own subdirectory. All new plug-ins are added here.
is a read-only mirror of the gimp-plugin-template/ module from the gnome cvs server. It is a very good starting point for plug-ins written in C.
contains the parts of our web-server (THIS ONE!) that are under cvs control. Whatever you change in here will sooner or later show up on the web server.

How do I check-in my plug-in for the first time?

First, decide on a name of the subdirectory to plug-ins/. I chose maze in the following example. Then enter:
mkdir maze	# if you do not have a plug-in yet
cd maze		# enter your plug-in directory
cvs import -m "Initial import of maze" plug-ins/maze gimp initial
Now you should be done. Please be careful with doing that ;) If you are unsure, ask Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com> for help, he can create a subdirectory for you. If you are done with that, either update the htdocs/m4/menu.m4 file yourself, or, again, ask one of the admins to do it for you.

What am I allowed to do?

In theory, everything that does not break it. Inside your plug-in directory you are generally safe, outside of it it might be a good idea to ask one of the admins first. The most important rule to apply is"use your common sense".

What should I put into the log message on check-ins?

It's good practise to copy&paste the ChangeLog entry that you hopefully have added to plug-ins/ChangeLog.
Questions/Suggestions/Complaints? Send them to Marc Lehmann <pcg@goof.com>!