Some of the information that was here is in the process of being moved off to the Maze Help page. It's the page you should get when you punch maze's "Help" button. This page will contain everything that doesn't seem to fit there.

Version 1.2.2, April 14, 2000

The Maze plug-in draws mazes in the GIMP (0.99). Features include a choice of maze styles (Prim's Algorithm or depth-first), tileable mazes, and non-rectangular shaped mazes.


What's New in 1.2.x:


If the width doesn't divide evenly into the selection, dead space may be left around the edges. For non-tileable mazes, the "pieces" selectors will only choose values where the width of this extra dead space is no greater than that of a passage. (If you really want to change that, change the value of BORDER_TOLERANCE in maze_face.c and recompile.)

There's the dialog. I'll admit, the interface doesn't seem to be the most straightforward. ("What? You click on the left-arrow and the slider directly above it goes to the right?") I'm taking suggestions for new label names and/or ways to lay it out...

Current bugs:

In the future?


Maze 0.5.0 includes an option to make mazes "tileable"... (Check out the page background.) You tell me if you can still trace a solution through 'em. Unfortunately the user must be very careful to use a passage width that is evenly divisible into the drawable size, or else undesirable things happen.

Maze 0.4.2 includes a patch from Adrian Likins to make non-interactive mode work more properly with his circuit.scm script. The non-interactive mode isn't something I test rigorously, so feedback is especially appreciated.

Maze 0.4.1 properly handles colors in grayscale images, and compiles nice and clean without warnings using gcc -Wall.

Maze 0.4.0 looks and feels just like 0.3.0, but a fair chunk of the code was rewritten and it's a bit more efficient.


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